Mañana 5 en Oaxaca: Enfrijoladas

Enfrijoladas are corn tortillas that are fried, folded into quarters, and then briefly cooked in a black bean sauce before being served for breakfast with an egg.  If they were made for la comida (big mid-day meal), they would be served with cecina de puerco (cured pork) instead.

La tortilla está friendo. (The tortilla is frying.)

 Doblar las tortillas en cuartos. (Fold the tortilla into quarters.)

Meanwhile, purée black beans and some water in a licuadora (blender).  Hierva (Bring to a boil) the black beans with 2 hojas de aguacate (avocado leaves) for flavor and simmer to allow the flavor of the leaves to permeate the beans.

Ponga las tortillas en la salsa de frijoles negros. (Put the tortillas in the black bean sauce.)

 Hojas de aguacate (Avocado leaves)

Un plato de frutas: manzana (apple), sandía (watermelon), y papaya.  Guardé (I saved) un poco de fruta por el almuerzo. 

In Mexico, lunch is eaten around 2 or 3, so it's common to have el almuerzo (midday snack) around 11 or 12.